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Weecomi means We Commission. Based on a repeated and successful model, the company aimed to use a single discount card system worldwide. Based on the developing technology, it has made this system a mobile application and made its use more attractive. Weecomi ecosystem has 3 different parts; Customer The name given to our users who collect points by shopping at contracted merchants on the system. Kobi A person who gives a discount to the company Weecomi at a rate determined by her to attract new customers to her business. Bayi It is the name given to our users who connect a member business to the Weecomi system and connect customers to shop from the system.In the system described, customers or merchants can make various earnings depending on the earning plan by connecting them. Weeco my Brand, Azerbaijan and Turkey is the common brand, began operations at the same time with Turkey. Currently Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Latvia 'also continues its operations in 7 countries including the official Tbilisi. With the contribution of our dealers, infrastructure works are carried out in new countries, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Bosnia and France, and a dealer network is established at the beginning level. WE MADE THE BEST FOR YOU

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We have created a mobile shopping platform and the first real business network. We will open a new era in the economy of today and the future. Because Weecoins will be a marketplace. We will digitize businesses with local sales teams, call centers and local advertisements. The business network will be supported by online and mass marketing. As Weecomi Mobile application, we will be a solution partner with payment systems and businesses in the pools of payment systems will be potential Weecomi businesses. Different advertising strategies will be applied according to the culture and advertising structure of the city. As Weecomi and Weecoins, we will be the partner and sponsor of the events and organizations of non-governmental organizations and sports events at national level..